Unfortunately... Outback - Chill n' Grill is Official Closed!

What seems to be the perfect creation for our community has came to an end due to greed and deception as I was conned out of the business by my two former vietnamese partner (Si Phung & Tri / Austin Nguyen) 


If you are still friends with these two, I highly suggest you re-evaluate your friendship/trust in them as they've acted like my friends and got me to believe they were like family members going above and beyond to support them. They will lie to you to your face. As Si's famous words he once said to me... "I have no problem lying to anyone, including you to your face if it means getting me what I believe is right"


Long story short, they got me to co-found the project with them, pouring in most of my resources (money, time, equipment) and after setting up the establishment and spending a ton of money on advertising to bring awareness to the place they conned me out of the business by creating internal issues and lying that he had to leave the country to go overseas so we were forced to sell the business. When I found out this was all a lie and got proof from difference sources including messages and recorded convo, Si lost his face knowing I had caught him in a lie after he kept trying to guilt trip me; like he was looking out for everyone when he was trying to screw them behind their backs. They unfriended me, seized communication and refused to pay back any of my contributions. 


I had no choice but to go public about this incident and to warn others that think of them as friends. 


Oh if you two are reading this... you're close friends that you've been lying to all along about the incident actually knows the whole truth. They are actually keeping silent and observing how horrible of a human beings you guys are and how you keep telling them lies to their face. 


That's probably the best Karma right there...